where it Begins and Ends

It starts in your heart
A flutter, a skipped beat
A warmth begins to spread 
Throughout your body
From the very root of your being
To the tingling in your toes
It spreads
It turns from a warmth
Into a wildfire
Burning with the passion and heat
Of a thousand perpetually exploding suns
Then suddenly 
It is cold
So cold
A cold you have never felt
The shock
The abrupt about-face
Is like getting out of a hot tub
And running into a blizzard
Then suddenly
You are stupid
For feeling what you felt
What you still feel.

the Blue-Eyed bandit

My heart was stolen by a blue-eyed bandit
She came in the night
Eased through my windowsill
Stepped around the various lumps of clothes or trash on the floor
Pirouetted past my desk chair
Swept down to where I slept
And reached her hand through my chest
Grabbing my heart for her own

I confronted her once I realized
My blood could no longer be pumped to my body
Because my heart had been taken from me
I was ready to take back my vital organ
But I made the mistake
Of looking at her face

I saw her blue eyes like the sky on a summer day
Her dark hair like the feathers of a raven
Her white smile like cloud, cumulus
Her own gold heart
Beating through her chest like a locomotive

I decided to let her keep it.

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