Why the Reverie?

“The wandering earth herself may be 
Only a sudden flaming word, 
In clanging space a moment heard, 
Troubling the endless reverie.” –W.B. Yeats

One night, after hours of scrolling through my Instagram as the soft tones of Chris Martin’s voice warbled from my record player, I began perusing the Kindle library for a new read. My eyes travelled to the latest John Green novel, Turtles All the Way Down, and I decided to satisfy my guilty pleasure and give it a try. Green has crafted another masterpiece in Turtles All the Way Down, and I could not put it down. In the book, one character quotes Yeats, and I found myself embarrassingly unfamiliar with the name. After I researched a bit more about the Irish poet, I decided to read some of this fellow’s work. As I purchased a collection of his poetry via the Kindle Store, I was drawn in by his first poem in the collection : The Song of the Happy Shepherd. The poem tells of a shepherd reminiscing on the old days in the woods of Arcady, and how the old people of the Old World were satisfied with dreams. Now the New World is consumed by the search for Grey Truth, or sooth. The only way to obtain the truth is through words: words transcend space and time, they are eternal, they are sooth. At the end of the first stanza, the Yeats ends with the above quote. I did not know the definition of the word “reverie”, and upon further investigation, found that it means “a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream.” So what the speaker is getting to in the poem is that the earth can be one great, astounding, “flaming word”, and once the word is uttered, heard “in clanging space”, it shatters the glass ceiling of contentment, of the false complacency that the inhabitants of the Old World have been lured into for so long. The New World is truth, it is sooth, now that the “flaming word” has been issued. The reason this collective, this blog, this well, whatever it is, is called “The Reverie” is that I wish for one of my words (or one of yours–see the Contact page) will break the ceiling and reveal the truth, but for now, we are stuck in the Reverie, and until a flaming word is discovered, we must do our best to escape it.

Farewell For Now,


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